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Adam Franklin

Operations Manager LET’S CONNECT: linkedin

What do you enjoy most about your role at TDC life? 

The ability to be creative. In my role, I am handed pieces of a puzzle by our clients and tasked with putting together the puzzle in a way that allows our clients to live life. The puzzle is never the same and the pieces can all fit together in different ways. Being creative is pivotal to being able to design a plan that works best for each client. Because each of our clients is different and desires to live life in their own way, the ability to be creative allows me to craft a plan that works for them. Outside the box thinking allows our clients to live life their way and that’s the way that matters.

What has been your most rewarding career experience? 

We had husband and wife clients who wanted to make sure they left money to their two daughters at death, and they were willing to reduce their income during retirement to do so.

We were able to create a solution using a second to die life insurance policy that allowed the clients to not only leave money to their daughters through the life insurance, but also, not have to reduce their income during retirement. The clients can live life in retirement the way they want to and know that their daughters will be taken care of as they wanted.

How do you help your clients and their families Live Life? 

I help our clients live life by taking care of the “what if’s.” Those are the concerns that keep our clients awake at night, the things that cause them to worry. By listening to these concerns, we can design plans to alleviate them. And by following through on what we have implemented and always being there when our clients need us, that allows them to live life.

Why is TDC Life different?

TDC Life is different because we do not settle for status quo. We go the extra mile for our clients in all that we do. That means we do our best to create a plan that meets our clients’ needs and goals, implement that plan in the most effective and efficient way possible and monitor the plan each year to ensure it is working for our clients the way it should. We are there when things change in our clients’ lives (and they will) so that we can make any changes needed and ensure the plan continues to be the right answer. Finally, we are there when the plan comes to fruition. With life insurance that may mean the client is no longer with us, but they still rely on us to follow through on the plan we set forth so that their families can continue to live life just as they did.

Education and Accreditations

  • BA, University of Toledo
  • Master of Arts, Bowling Green State University
  • ALMI Certification – LOMA
  • CLU, The American College

How do you Live Life?

When I am not helping our clients live life, I am living mine with my wife Amy, our daughter Trinity and son Caleb.