About Us


Since our founding, TDC Life has focused exclusively on providing comprehensive life insurance and estate planning solutions to successful individuals, their families, and closely-held businesses.

Our firm currently services nearly $7 billion of life insurance death benefit through a systematic process of evaluating, constructing, and servicing customized life insurance portfolios through sophisticated wealth preservation strategies and life insurance designs.

Based in Maumee, Ohio, TDC works with a national network of advisers including investment advisers, attorneys, CPAs, and business managers for athletes and entertainers who have partnered with TDC Life to provide best-in-class services for their clients requiring complex wealth preservation strategies.

We take great pride in not only servicing our clients but also being at the forefront of product design and industry trends. TDC Life is one of the elite independent life insurance firms who are owners of Lion Street, a national financial services distribution company composed of the industry’s most elite advisers. As an owner-member and board member of Lion Street, TDC Life works directly with key decision makers at major life insurance companies, allowing us the unique advantage of having influence over how our clients’ interests are represented.

These exclusive resources, combined with cutting-edge technology, gives each client access to the best products, strategies, and experience available.


Dating back to 1958, TDC Life has set the standard amongst independent life insurance agencies by embracing cutting edge wealth preservation strategies while demonstrating a never-ending commitment to a client-first mentality. Approaching $7 billion in death benefit serviced is only our latest milestone in a long history of innovation.


Our focus and responsibilities transcend traditional life insurance and estate planning services. Our listen first, then educate approach helps our clients understand how proper life insurance and estate planning not only helps protect, preserve, and grow all they’ve worked a life time to build, but also contribute meaning, purpose and happiness for their family, and generations to come.

So what sets us apart?

Our Philosophy

At TDC, we are firm believers that you don’t buy life insurance just to buy life insurance. It should serve a purpose, and no matter what that purpose might be, maximizing your planning includes intimate knowledge across several variables. In short, our philosophy is simple – life insurance decisions should be measured and tested with facts and math. One tool we use to accomplish this goal is an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) calculation to compare policies and see how different investment alternatives stack up.

Fiercely Independent

We represent our clients, not the insurance company. We provide independent access to all major life insurance carriers and leverage these relationships to secure the best possible underwriting and pricing, ultimately maximizing a policy’s internal rate of return (IRR).

We treat life insurance as a real financial instrument and actively manage this asset through ongoing analysis designed to ensure a long-term focus.

A Never-ending Commitment to Service

We take great pride in the enduring relationships we’ve built with our adviser partners and our valued clients over the years. We work hard to earn your trust in hopes of establishing a lifelong partnership.

Our dedicated service team provides ongoing portfolio management and policy service through our annual review process and trustee support. Such management is critical to ensuring the client’s insurance plays its desired role in their overall estate plan.