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TDC’s Client Continuity Planning

You take great pride in the enduring relationships and trust you’ve built with your valued clients over the years.
Your number one priority has been, is, and will always be putting their interests first and foremost.

So when planning your business exit strategy, how can you continue putting your client’s interests first while maximizing the value of the business you’ve spent your entire career building?

Typically, life insurance advisers have had three options when crafting a client continuity plan:



To 3rd Party



Another You





TDC life Has a Better Answer

By partnering with TDC Life, you can rest assured you are partnering with a firm that shares your same client-first mentality.

In addition to the various positives noted above, below are numerous advantages you will enjoy by making TDC Life your client continuity plan.

How we’re solving the succession issue

Team Approach


Embracing Technology


Expand Revenue Opportunities

Expand Revenue

Client Referral Source Focused

Client and
Referral Source

National Practice



A Team Approach

We believe the most successful practices are those who have been able to differentiate themselves by institutionalizing their relationships. Rather than clients being drawn to a practice because of an individual, the goal should be for the client to fall in love with the practice’s process and team.

At TDC Life, we help you build a team of specialists working together for the common goal of creating and implementing strategic solutions, giving your clients greater comfort while building institutional value for your firm.


Embracing Technology

Technology can either be viewed as something to be feared and ignored, or something to embrace to help make a practice more effective and efficient. Let’s face it, clients find the process of procuring life insurance a little crazy. In today’s one-click world, enhancing the client experience through the use of technologies is no longer a luxury, it’s essential to the success of your practice.

  • E Apps
  • Efficient Underwriting
  • E Signature
  • Relationship Management System
  • Advanced Solution Modeling
  • Fiduciary Policy Management
  • SEC Audited Technology Security
  • Video Conferencing


Expand Revenue Opportunities

Today, across all aspects of the financial services business, the value of advice is shrinking. Finding new ways to add value to your existing client relationships while expanding revenue opportunities is paramount to long-term firm success. TDC Life will introduce you to cutting edge inforce policy management practices and technologies to unlock new opportunities within your book of business.


Client and Referral Source Focused

We built our business on working with a national network of centers of influence including wealth managers, CPAs, attorneys, family offices, business managers for athletes and entertainers and many more.

By taking the long view of these trusted relationships and treating every referral as an audition for the next case, we are experts at being the adviser to the adviser, ultimately exceeding expectations time and time again by putting their interests first and foremost.


A National Practice

Based in Maumee, Ohio, TDC Life has built a national practice currently servicing nearly $7B of life insurance death benefit with families and centers of influence throughout the United States. We also have offices in St. Louis, Missouri, Winchester, Virginia, and Los Angeles, California who share our same client first mentality and our mission to help families live life.

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