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Bridging the Gap Between Life and Living

How We Help

At TDC Life, we understand life can feel complex at times. Our clients have worked hard for their success and want to ensure their life’s work continues for their family, and their family’s family.

Life and wealth don’t need to feel so complex. That’s why we work with a national network of CPAs, attorneys, business managers for athletes and entertainers, and wealth managers to help unburden their clients from worrying about the “what ifs” in life so they can focus on what’s most important.

Helping families bridge this gap between life and living – it’s what we do best.


Who We Serve

Those Looking to Create Enduring Wealth

As an independent life insurance and estate planning firm, TDC Life provides objective and unbiased advice to those looking to create enduring wealth through best-in-class wealth transfer strategies and designs. Our focus and responsibilities transcend the limits of traditional insurance planning for wealthy individuals, families, and business owners.

Interested In:

  • Preserving their values and wealth for future generations
  • Protecting their life’s work from the ravages of taxes, unplanned successions, disability and/or loss of key employees
  • Supporting charitable causes
  • Planning for life’s uncertainties
  • Creating enduring wealth and ensuring their legacy will transcend generations

Interested In:

  • Ensuring their clients are properly protected for the long-term
  • Working with like-minded professionals
  • Fulfilling their fiduciary duty to their clients
  • Helping clients manage a life insurance portfolio based on facts and evidence
  • Accessing a team of dedicated and experienced professionals

Our Process

For Building an Effective Wealth Transfer Strategy













Top Workplace 2020

TDC Life is thrilled to announce that we have been recognized as a Top Workplace for the third consecutive year by the Toledo Bade. We thank our entire team for their hard work and dedication in helping to build a collaborative, fun, and committed team environment. We are blessed with a tremendous team of professionals and look forward to continue to build on our strong team culture going forward.

Transferring Values Through Transferring Wealth

Integrating Values Into Your Legacy Planning

Transferring Values mockup

A common concern of clients is often how to transfer their VALUES in the process of transferring their WEALTH. Families are better prepared for these transitions when their wealth and values are aligned.

If this is a concern, here are 7 provisions to consider to properly integrate values into legacy planning.


The TDC Life Knowledge Base

Wealth of Knowledge. Knowledge of Wealth.

Welcome to the TDC Life Knowledge Base – empowering families to be stronger, closer, and wiser through our collection of thought leadership materials. Our wisdom for your wealth.

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