Our Services

We help advisors and their clients in the following areas:

  • $100 million+ life insurance portfolios
  • High-limit disability insurance for executives, key people, and athletes and entertainers
  • Guaranteed issue (no underwriting) group plans, $4 million+ in death benefit
  • Bind $50 million+ in life insurance within 24 hours
  • Buy/sell disability
  • Disgrace coverage
  • Negotiated underwriting
  • Key person disability protection
  • High-touch platform for faster turnaround on less significant risks
  • International coverage
  • Private placement life and annuity strategies
  • Captives
  • Premium finance
  • Help philanthropic organizations leverage life insurance to help them meet and exceed their donation goals through our Legacy Giving services.
  • Much more…

In addition to helping acquire needed insurance, the TDC team will monitor and manage our clients’ entire insurance portfolio to help make sure each policy is operating as intended. Proactively developing strategies to make sure a life insurance portfolio evolves with a client’s needs.

Life insurance is an important asset in your portfolio. Just like other assets your organization owns, it needs management. To protect the organization and maximize the return on investment, proactive portfolio supervision is key. We respond to the single largest disconnect in the life insurance industry – policyowners expect their life insurance contracts to be proactively managed according to their defined objectives, but advisors lack the quality carrier support for long-term monitoring and management

In the event a policy is no longer needed, TDC can help optimize the exit from a life insurance policy. There are many ways to leave a life insurance policy, at TDC we specialize in maximizing the value of a policy when it is no longer needed taking into consideration taxes, market value and philanthropic opportunities. This is done through our ReNew Life entity, in which our experienced team leverages our deep transaction experience, and strategically positions a policy to potential buyers and advocates aggressively to achieve superior results for clients.

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