In addition to our living office, we’ve also reimagined our colleague’s well-being experience. It’s not enough to provide professional development opportunity but we also must think about the additional foundational elements that make our team’s well-being.

TDC Cares: A New Approach to Personal, Professional Health and Wellness


Spiritual & Emotional Wellness

Focuses on a desire for contentment among TDC colleagues by fostering a culture of self-reflection and open dialogue with insight from local leaders.


Social Wellness

Focuses on opportunities for TDC colleagues to make connections, nurture their relationships, and create a sense of belonging for themselves and others.


Physical Wellness

Focuses on instilling health-conscious lifestyles throughout the TDC community by providing educational opportunities and fostering positive habit formation so our colleagues may lead more active, healthy lives.


Intellectual Wellness

Focuses on enriching the TDC colleague experience by providing opportunities to learn new concepts, improve skills, and seek challenges in pursuit of lifelong learning.


Community Outreach

Focuses on cultivating relationships with individuals and businesses, acting in selfless stewardship, and advancing the TDC colleague presence in the community.


General Convenience

Focuses on providing practical resources that make TDC colleagues’ lives easier and more efficient.


Occupational Wellness

Focuses on work-life harmony by creating a sense of purpose and productivity in both the personal and professional setting, inspiring and challenging TDC colleagues, and providing practical steps and tools to achieve balance.

TDC Honored as Corporate Philanthropist of the Year

We pride ourselves on making our community a better place. Which is why we were so honored being named the Outstanding Corporate Philanthropist by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Northwest Ohio Chapter. We only hope to do greater things in the future.

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