Tiffany Eckert

Client & Colleague Experience

What do you enjoy most about your role at TDC life?  

It would be impossible for me to pick one thing that I enjoy the most about my role here. I will say that my greatest source of joy at TDC Life comes from knowing that I am a contributing factor in making a positive impact on the lives of our clients and their families.

What has been your most rewarding career experience?

My most rewarding career experience was being offered a position here. My role at TDC Life is perfectly aligned with who I am. I am a people person with a servant’s heart. I love being able to interact with different people all day long. I take great pride in knowing that I am often the first person that clients encounter on the phones and when they enter the office here at TDC.

How do you help your clients and their families Live Life?  

As part of the life team, most specifically as Tyler’s assistant. I am but one small piece in the giant puzzle that provides our clients with the best possible life insurance coverage and service.

Why is TDC Life different?

We are there from beginning to the end, making the process as easy as possible for our clients. Additionally, something can be said about the caliber of people that work here. We are genuinely like family. What we have here is rare.

Education and Accreditation

  • Motivational Speaker – Folds of Honor Foundation

How do you Live Life? 

My mantra is that “kindness always wins.”

There is nothing in this world that means more to me than my children Marlee, Myles, and Berkley. I live every moment of my life as if they are watching, even when they are not. I show up every day with a smile and I always give my personal best because that’s what I want them to do. When they reflect on their childhood, I want them to remember that I was their lighthouse…I stood through every storm and my light never went out. Most importantly, I want them to know that I loved them ardently.