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Noah Bader

Director of Finance LET’S CONNECT: linkedin

What do you enjoy most about your role at TDC life?

I enjoy being able to interact with all the different members of the team through the different responsibilities that I have as part of my role. Our team is full of incredible, talented people who I learn from every day. What we are able to accomplish as a group to help protect our clients and their families is truly inspiring.

What has been your most rewarding career experience?

The relationships that I’ve been able to develop with my coworkers, clients, and others that I have met during my time at TDC is by far the most rewarding experience. Few people have the privilege of coming to work with some of their best friends every day, and I think this is what makes TDC so special.

How do you help your clients and their families Live Life?

While I don’t have a client facing role, the work that I do making sure that we operate responsibly and sustainably insures that we will still be around for years to come to help advise clients to make sure their life insurance plan is still on track. I take this responsibility very seriously because the work that we do impacts our clients and their family in a big way.

Why is TDC Life different?

There are a lot of folks who sell life insurance. There is only one TDC Way(TM). We are independent, and we shop the market to provide the families that we work with the best solution for their life insurance needs. Our decades of experience has also given us the know how to handle any situation that we come up against.

Education and Accreditations

Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics – Hillsdale College (2015)
MBA, Executive Management – University of Toledo (2018)
Series 65

How do you Live Life?

I live north of Denver, Colorado with two of my best friends. I enjoy playing golf, soccer, hockey, guitar, and card games with friends. I also love reading books and listening to music and podcasts.