Succession: Are You Ready?

A recent survey of advisors showed that 83% consider their business part of their retirement plan. However, 65% of those advisors have no succession plan in place and 89% have not appraised the value of their business. Couple this with an aging agent population trend and the result is an overwhelming need for many advisors to evaluate their succession plan. AdvisorNews’ John Hilton highlights several key succession planning strategies advisors should consider when planning for their ideal transition.

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Why Educating Grantors About Policy Mechanics Just Makes Sense

As we’ve all heard before, there continues to be an overwhelming gap between the mechanics of one’s life insurance policy, and what typical policyowners truly understand about how their policy work. Here are some important reasons why TOLI Trustees should be reaching out to grantors to refresh their knowledge about policy mechanics as outlined by John Bikus of ITM Twenty First.

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