Business Continuation, Key Person Protection and Retirement Planning  White Paper

Proper risk management for business owners involves making sure that in the event of an untimely death and/or disability of an owner; arrangements are in place to protect the interests of surviving owners and the deceased owner’s heirs. An untimely death of an owner without proper buyout agreements and funding sources present unique planning challenges for both the heirs of the deceased owner and the business itself.

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Generational Split-Dollar (“GSD”) White Paper

As discussed in this memorandum, a properly structured and administered Generational Split-Dollar (“GSD”) plan may provide the following key benefits: Potential estate tax savings, pass significant wealth (in the form of life insurance benefits) to younger generations and tax free growth of the cash surrender value of the policy.

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June 27, 2019

Shortly after Aretha Franklin’s passing, every media outlet was flooded with fitting tributes and obituaries, focusing on the Queen of Soul’s contribution to music and society as a whole. Then, like when most famous people pass away, there was another part to the story: What will happen to all her money?

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Non-Equity Split-Dollar

In addition to purchasing new second-to-die policies inside a new ILIT, you may also wish to consider entering into a split-dollar arrangement with the ILIT. One of the principal benefits of this technique is that the gift between yourself and the ILIT as a result of you paying the premiums pursuant to a split-dollar arrangement should be considerable less than if you were to just gift cash directly to the ILIT allowing the ILIT to pay the premiums itself.

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Case Study: Mr. Executive

Mr. Executive had a close relationship with a high-end life insurance and estate planning firm from whom he acquired a recommendation, which included stacking multiple life insurance policies across six different carriers. Mr. Executive’s estate planning attorney encouraged him to obtain a second opinion from TDC Life, seeking our recommendations for improvements to the other adviser’s strategy.

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Case Study: Multi-Life Guaranteed Standard Issue

Situation: National attorney firm with over 250 of the firm’s partners earning more than $1.2 million. The firm’s current Group LTD and Supplemental IDI Plan provided a $60,000/month benefit. With such a robust foundational plan already in place, the firm sought to provide a voluntary disability insurance plan as an additional benefit for those partners who were underinsured. Our advisor sought to design a solution to provide a 60% income replacement ratio for those partners.

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What Sets TDC Apart?

Since 1958, TDC Life has focused on providing comprehensive life insurance solutions to successful individuals, families, and businesses. We do this through a systematic process of evaluating, constructing, and servicing customized life insurance portfolios through sophisticated wealth transfer strategies and life insurance designs. So what sets us apart?

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Watch Video - Why TDC Life?

In this video Tyler Horning, Principal, describes what sets TDC apart.

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Succession: Are You Ready?

A recent survey of advisors showed that 83% consider their business part of their retirement plan. However, 65% of those advisors have no succession plan in place and 89% have not appraised the value of their business. Couple this with an aging agent population trend and the result is an overwhelming need for many advisors to evaluate their succession plan. AdvisorNews’ John Hilton highlights several key succession planning strategies advisors should consider when planning for their ideal transition.

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Colleague work-from-home policy

03/13/2020 - Due to the recent public health concerns regarding COVID-19, TDC Life's Maumee, Ohio office location will be instituting a colleague work from home opt-in policy starting Friday, March 13th. This means TDC team members will work remotely from home, or can work from our office with manager approval. Any scheduled in-office meetings will be handled on a case by case basis. We are confident our investment in technology will allow for the continuation of normal business operations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly.