The Secret to Effective Donations of Life Insurance Policies for Philanthropic Giving

Did you know that life insurance policies are an excellent asset to donate to a charity, educational/medical institution, or other types of nonprofits? I encourage you to watch this short video to understand this smart “blue sky” opportunity for both the donor and nonprofit.

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Year End Alert: Don’t Lapse! Don’t Overfund, & Don’t Forget to…

On average, every year over $600 Billion* of life insurance death benefit lapses or is surrendered. These lapses can be intended or unintended but in either case the insurance company collected premium on a policy on which they will never need to payout a death benefit. Equally concerning, on average, 69% of life insurance policies have not had a performance review in the past 5 years.** These are policies where an insurance company is likely collecting either too much or too little premium; in either case, the INSURANCE COMPANY WINS!

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The Time is Now! Five Smart Reasons Your Clients Should Focus on Life Insurance Before Year-End

Proactive year-end planning starts now... Read Tyler Horning's valuable insights on year-end life insurance tips.

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Calling All CPAs. Earn CE Credit and Save on Premium!

As you know, TDC Life prides itself on delivering its clients and partners opportunities to make their family and business life better. Today, we are proud to let you know our friends at BridgePoint Risk Management BridgePoint recently partnered with CPAGold™ to offer clients access to its on-line loss control education website. Based on the work of Ralph Picardi, Esq., CPA, of the law firm of Lapping & Picardi, this interactive self-study course offers member firms the opportunity to earn continuing education hours and earn significant premium credit savings.

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Three Strategies to Help Prepare for Looming Tax Increases

We've all heard and read the headlines - tax increases are inevitable. With our rising deficit at the state and federal levels, combined with significant increases in government spending and drops in business revenue from the COVID-19 pandemic, tax hikes are likely, especially for higher earners.

CNBC's Robert Frank highlights three strategies affluent families should consider to ease the impact of the anticipated tax increases.

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Colleague work from home opt-in policy

Due to the recent public health concerns regarding COVID-19, TDC Life’s Maumee, Ohio office location will be instituting a colleague work from home opt-in policy starting Friday, March 13th.

This means TDC team members will work remotely from home, or can work from our office with manager approval. Any scheduled in-office meetings will be handled on a case by case basis.

We are confident our investment in technology will allow for the continuation of normal business operations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly.

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2020 Top Workplace Announcement

TDC Life is thrilled to announce that we have been recognized as a Top Workplace for the third consecutive year by the Toledo Bade. We thank our entire team for their hard work and dedication in helping to build a collaborative, fun, and committed team environment. We are blessed with a tremendous team of professionals and look forward to continue to build on our strong team culture going forward.

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2020 Tax Reference Sheet Now Available

Our 2020 tax reference sheet is now available. This quick guide offers information you'll need to know for the upcoming year.

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🎄Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from TDC🎄

We thank you for the opportunity to help and serve you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friends at TDC. 10,000 lights on our Christmas Tree… but we have a one in a million team!

(press play to watch video)

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